Friday, December 23, 2005

All I want for xmas……..
Today it really struck me how thankful I am for being an ‘accidental westerner’ with a well advanced health care system. I was also reminded of the differences in wealth between rich countries and poor. This all came about not only because I have been spending time a developing country but when I read a letter that was circulated around the office. In developing countries they don’t write to Santa they write to the Red Cross:
“ Sir, with great respect I here by submit my humble request in the contracting of my new set of false teeth. I am 29 years old and serving a 2 year sentence behind bars and just a couple of months ago my teeth all start to get rotten and I often visit the dentist every week. They often pull them out one after the other until it all finished by the end of last month I haven’t got a single tooth remaining in my gum. I also really find it difficult to chew all the foods which I used to have them before. Hoping and praying that your donations will be granted. ”

Bulla Xmas!
Yesterday I celebrated christmas Fijian style with a traditional lovo. At the work christmas party we ate tender chicken and dalo cooked under ground, mmmmm! It was served with dalo leaves cooked in a mouthwatering coconut sauce! What better to wash it all down with than FIJI BITTER (and lots of it)!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

All Carolled Out in Suva!
If I hear one more christmas carol I am going to turn into a reindeer! Everywhere I go xmas carols! On the radio, in the shops, in the restaurants, even in the office! I thought I had escaped the carols by retreating to my room- but N.O. What do I hear through my window? Live carolers!!! They had amazing voices though and at least it wasn't a trashy tape recording, but still after the 10th song I put my headphones on!

Today was an eventful day. A bit of drama in downtown Suva! A building was on fire and everyone was stopping to stare, marvel and watch! Not me, call me strange but if I smell and see smoke bellowing towards me I ain't gonna watch the pretty fire. I left the crowds straing at the blaze to breathe fresh air in an air-conditioned mall!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Do you love FIJI?"
Yes I love Fiji!! This question sings from the lips of most Fijian's. Yes I love Fiji, because; the customs officer was playing a guitar while I was in the queue at the airport; a 4 hour bus ride only cost me $12; because everyone you pass on the street smiles and says Bula!; 4 mangoes cost $1; the sunset is an unbelievable orange; the tea lady brings me the best cup of tea to my desk at 10am and 3pm everyday without asking; because on my first night in Fiji I met a Fijian who took me and my new Spanish friend to local night clubs and to her house for kava; my work colleague Paulina shows me all the bargain places to eat and shop during our lunch hour and because I have been asked to write a puppet theatre script with volunteers!
Okay folks I'll keep you posted with more tales from the Pacific and hopefully add some photos!!