Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stuck in Kathmandu
I am stuck in Kathmandu. After spending 2 days at the airport, I am getting a bit anxious I will never fly out of here. If it was pokhara, i would be a bit calmer as I would just head back to my yoga retreat and om away and perfect my chicken nose clearing dance!
I think sexism has reared its ugly head as the only 3 females trying to board the flight back to dhaka were rejected, even though we had valid tickets. I tried being calm- it didn't help. I tried getting angry- the guy walked away from me, so who knows how much longer i will be here. At least i made a lovely nepalese friend. She introduced me to a few local dishes, like buffalo last night. Will I be third time lucky tomorrow? If worse comes to worse I will bus out via India if i can get a transit visa.


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