Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aber Asbo Bangladesh, I will come again.
I said goodbye to Bangladesh last week. It was very sad. I will miss my kids most of all plus all the random beautiful people I met along the way. A big piece of my heart is still there and I plan to go back next year for a visit. My boys always walk with me and wait for me to catch my transport home, but not on my last day. We were all too sad. They managed to cheer me up though by calling me on the way to the airport. Here are some of the things I will miss about Bangladesh.

My boys from one of the centres, pictured on a rickshaw. I will also miss the rickshaws, a very easy, convenient, cheap and environmentally friendly way to get around.

My girls who would call me "upa" big sister and bang on my office window until I would run out to see them.

All the staff from SCDP program, here pictured at my farewell.

The supercheap tea stalls and their friendly staff.

The beauty parlour across from my house, no more pedicures, manicures, threading of my eyebrows, yoghurt hair treatments and hot oil hair massages, not that it stopped my hair falling out.

The corner shop who always remembered what I wanted to buy.

The fresh veggie stalls outside our house.

Our friendly helper Mugless, who always had a smile on his face.

Our apartments' guard Jalal who never complained when we woke him at 1 or 2 or 3am every Thursday night. He bought us some beautiful flowers when we left.

The high security surrounding our house. We lived in the same street as the opposition leader.

All the bargain shopping at New Market.

My adopted bangla mum and dad.

The beautiful boys and girls selling popcorn and flowers at the major intersections.

My Mirzapur and all my friends and Bangla family there.

My two friends Raju and Saddam from ARISE program.

My friend from work Mala and all her chicken roast dinners.

My friend Salma, teacher of my favourite class.

Our crazy Thursday nights at the aussie club.

More of the gang at the aussie club.

The parties and uncle Doug.

The embassy "open bar" functions.

and then Promida and Richard, fuscha, mango cafe and their tasty lassies plus much much more.


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