Friday, January 06, 2006

A Black Eye & A Mexican Crab
Christmas and New Years were eventful! I spent them in the beautiful Yasawa Islands of Fiji!

On Christmas day Simon and I dressed up in santa hats and necklaces (good thinking Si) which were a hot favourite with the Fijian kiddies! So was Simon's polaroid!

New Years Eve was a hoot with Simon bidding for a lonely mexican crab 'tequila' in the international crab race! The crab was a speedy gonzales and won him first place! $450- not bad at all. All I won on NYE on the other hand was a black eye! Tak (thanks) to the Dane who decided to throw me around the dance floor for a bit of entertainment- I was nearly dancing with the stars after he elbowed my left eye!!

New Years day Simon got a new nickname: Slimer! Two awesome NZ girls with air guitars who had some even better nicknames, served us tonnes of vodka and crowned Simon, Slimer! I escaped a nickname from the kiwis but was earlier crowned 'bag lady' by Tina who couldn't stop laughing (and what a laugh) at my duty free spiking tactics.

The islands were amazing for feeling part of a village and seeing the real 'blue lagoon' (Nanuya Lai Lai), the underwater caves (Matayalevu), snorkelling and hammocking (Korovou Naviti), the entertainment (Kuata) and lazing on the beach, eating/drinking way too much, canoeing inbetween islands, snorkelling and scuba diving (Beachcomber).