Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meet my 3pm class
This is my beautiful 3pm class.

They live on the streets surrounding my office with their families.

They come for class every day (except Fridays) at 3pm for 90 minutes.
They brighten my everyday when I see them.
I hope they brighten your day too!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Although it's now the wet season it's still bloody hot!
We have a fridge in our apartment but its tiny and never gets all that cold. Its more for keeping the ants, the geekos, the mozzies, the cockies and the mould out of our food supplies. I hate drinking luke warm water. It needs to be as cold as possible. The fridge makes it a tad cold but not nearly enough. I started freezing my water but I was drinking at a faster rate than it was melting and staying very thirsty. Yesterday I had an idea! To freeze half a bottle of water and then add luke warm water from our dispenser to the other half. The result: very refreshing cold water that lasts a good 20 minutes. You can try this one at home in 6 months time when it starts to heat up again. Idea 2: Stick a mango in the freezer-it tastes like gelato from Bar Italia! Its only taken me 3 months but you can't say that I am not a thinker!! The things that amuse me here in Dhaka!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wet, Wet, Wet

The wet season started yesterday. My colleagues above wore blue sharis to signify the first day of this 2 month season. There hasn’t been that much rain yet but there has been a foul smell in our apartment- MOULD! Fungus is growing everywhere. It’s on my clothes and walls, anything it can cling to. Mould and no washing machine is a disaster, but luckily the dry cleaner down the road only charges 40c per piece of clothing (they refuse to do our undies). With all this growth happening around me I am quite surprised that my hair is falling out! All us girls are experiencing excessive hair loss here- too bad its not falling off my legs and only my head!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big fish Begum Khaleda Zia- will she win power in the next election in Jan 07?

Something smells a little fishy...

I knew something was a little fishy when the usual huge stinky garbage container outside our office was absent when I arrived at work in the morning. I knew something was extremely fishy when I stepped outside my office and I couldn’t hear a single bike bell or a horn honk. I looked onto the street and there were no cars, rickshaws or cng’s anywhere in sight, instead numerous police and a very empty road in both directions. At first I thought a political demonstration about the factory workers was about to occur but then a colleague informed me that the Bangladesh PM was driving past. Where ever and when ever she goes streets are closed for 30 minutes to one hour to let her drive through. I counted 18 cars trailing hers when she finally drove past. Obviously she doesn’t like to see the real Bangladesh, the poor sifting through the rubbish, the rickshaw drivers trying to earn their $2 a day, the beggars in their numerous forms at the traffic lights (underweight children, the elderly, the blind, the burnt, the maimed and the limbless). No wonder this country is in turmoil. Someone let the woman see what is really happening in her country!