Monday, October 24, 2005

Wild Tomato and Nat Dog get hitched!
My dear friend Tam got hitched on the weekend with another great friend Nato! It was a spectacular wedding, set in Clarendon, a wine growing region just outside of Adelaide. It was also a chance to spend a lovely weekend away from Sydney catching up with Tam's family and friends, Paula, Em, Satish, Flea, Brad and Adrian. On the bus to the wedding I created this little poem below with the help of table 6 (aka Paula and Brad) to be read with the telegrams. BTW Marie (the brides mum) I did not share my hotel room with any young men!

Wild Tomato and Nat Dog!
Let's toast to the bride and groom,
Whom shared their first kiss in Jodie's bathroom.
And there they stayed throughout the night,
Caressing underneath that steamy fluro light.
A long distance relationship then grew,
Until Tam left her Sydney crew.
In Melbourne she stayed two years,
Eating sushi at Kazen's and drinking beers.
In July, Sydney got them both back,
St Leonards they chose to set up their shack.
We wish Tam and Nato all the very best,
As they build their happy love nest!